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Update v0.2.03


  • Increased recoil and reduced accuracy for the DE pistol high-power magazine.

  • Increased the stack size of crude grenades and Molotov cocktails to 10, and military grenades to 5, with a reduced damage radius.

  • Redesigned the combat area of Iron Skull Base.

  • Flags that signify territory control can now be placed, preventing enemy respawns, but buildings cannot be constructed until all combat area redesigns are completed by the development team.

  • Items in the quick access bar can now be selected with the mouse wheel.

  • Sleep now shows the time you will wake up, and the cooldown for sleeping has been changed to 20 hours.

  • Removed the blueprint requirement for bows, now part of Tier 1.

  • Inflation stations have been moved to Tier 1 and material consumption has been reduced.

  • Added a low-level oxygen tank, learnable by blueprint in the caves of Castaway Island.

  • Player death backpack drops no longer have a deletion timer.

  • Removed the blueprint requirement for stoves, now part of Tier 3.

  • Significantly reduced the time to cook food on grills and advanced grills.

Bug Fixes:

  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where welding could not be used in the game.

  • Bug Fix: Fixed a bug where radiation meds caused an incorrect max health limit.

  • Bug Fix: Fixed overly chaotic sound when picking up items.

  • Bug Fix: Fixed firearms not firing accurately.

  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where the bullet count would not refresh when firearms received bullets.

  • Bug Fix: Fixed a bug where the blueprint for the DE pistol's fine iron receiver could not unlock the corresponding item.

  • Bug Fix: Fixed a missing texture issue for submachine gun magazines.

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