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Update v0.2.10

  • The Dreadville map has been remastered.

  • Inviting friends to join the game no longer requires a password.

  • A navigation bar has been added at the top of the screen to display locations in the corresponding directions.

  • Defense heavy machine guns now feature a crosshair.

  • Unlocking of the military backpack has been changed from a blueprint to a research table.

  • Added world creation option: Death Penalty. When turned off, items in the backpack are not dropped upon death (the default setting is off).

  • Enemy health now increases with the number of players in the game, reaching the maximum health increase limit after 4 players.

  • Unified UI logic: items can now be dragged in groups in the merchant store instead of being clicked individually.

  • The number of enemies in the Skull Camp has been reduced.

  • Weapons can no longer be used with the scroll wheel on the helicopter.

  • The hidden door at the Mutant Camp will now remain permanently open once opened.

  • The size of the weapon display board has been reduced.

Bug Fixes:

  • Bug Fix: Resolved an issue where the blueprint for the homemade oxygen bottle could not be obtained from old saves.

  • Bug Fix: Corrected some of the localization errors.

  • Bug Fix: Addressed the disappearance of radiation levels after exiting and re-entering the game.

  • Bug Fix: Fixed the issue with the pedal boat constantly veering to the left.

  • Bug Fix: Resolved an accessibility issue with a safe in the Civic Center (it has been moved to another building).

  • Bug Fix: The Smart Trigger (the machine in Dreadville) now includes blueprints for alloy and high-tech gun stocks.

  • Bug Fix: Eliminated the exploit allowing weapon duplication at the weapon display board.

  • Bug Fix: Optimized underwater terrain.

  • Bug Fix: Fixed the issue of enemies floating in the air on Radio Island.

  • Bug Fix: Corrected the slight veering to the left of the pedal boat while sailing.

  • Bug Fix: Adjusted some building sounds that were too loud.

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I w0uld like t0 be able t0 select items in the menu with the diecti0nal pad. Als0 it w0uld be great if the in menu m0use speed was separated from l00k speed 0utside the menu. As it is either y0u turn ar0und excruciatingly slow and have manageable cursor speed in menu, r you turn quick and cursor speed is s0 fast it's a nightmare trying t0 get it where you want it. Last It would be nice to be able to build base like enemies bases with all the extra stairs with railings and chain-link fence. railings you can add t stairs would be great. And bigger map with more to do like an 0ld sub t0 explore 0r an…


Will you add the ability to join the server using Lan?

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