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Dedicated Server User Manual

You can download the User Manual here:

Sunkenland Dedicated Server Manual (Steam) 20240202
Download PDF • 88KB

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Feb 29

hola, una pregunta se borra el mapa al reiniciar el server dedicado. Es normal?

The map is deleted when restarting the dedicated server. Is this normal?


Added AdminSteamIDs.txt to world folder and it does not give me admin access!


Justin S
Justin S
Feb 09

"I have a server pc I run multiple dedicated servers on including Valhiem, Enshrouded, and Palworld. NONE of these games require me to login into steam/cmd, I can use the command Login Anonymous and run these servers. Because this game requires me to login I can not host the dedicated server from my Server pc and play on my gaming pc as steam does not allow multiple logins. This is very disappointment why was this decision made?"

AGREED 100%, I have the exact same setup as you and i'm hosting multiple servers on a dedicated machine. They seriously need to fix this login requirement. I have a GAMING PC to GAME ON, not to host servers on. Please fix this.


  1. Dedicated server does not use the path given in the manual it pulls from the path you're told to copy it from

  2. Server ID shows up as "SessionName=<###>" the following message in the manual never occurs "Server Start Complete, Ready for Clients to Join. ServerID is


Sadly tell they remove the need to log in our community will not even re download or invite our new players to buy it. Fix the issue Devs

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