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Hi everyone, here is the video that shows the future content that's coming soon. Currently, we have published the test version for our Discord testing team, and once it's past this phase, we will upload it to the public test build. And then, when everything is good, we will publish it to the main build, which is planned to be in January.

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Updated: Jan 3

Here's what you can expect:

  • Dedicated Servers: We've introduced dedicated servers to the game. You can download this free tool and set up your own dedicated server wherever you prefer!

  • Improved Game Balance: We've worked on making the game smoother by rebalancing the overall progression. We've also clarified the technology stages and the materials needed to advance, preventing any unexpected leaps in technology.

  • Gun Assembly: We've introduced a new gun assembly system where you'll need to recycle broken guns to obtain components like barrels, magazines, and stocks, which you can then use to assemble new firearms. Please note that this feature is still experimental and will evolve in the future.

  • Improved Underwater Biomes: Explore the underwater world with more visually distinct biomes. Our new volcano region is an example, offering a unique visual experience and providing valuable materials like sulfur. This is the beginning of our efforts to enhance exploration and set the stage for future stories, lore, and puzzles.

  • New Items: Added a range of new items, including large scuba air tanks, fishing nets, batteries, gun display boards, portable repair tools, and even a bird-catching net.

  • New Building Structures: Added new structures like roofs, triangular walls, hall walls, diagonal walls, and more.

  • Updated Missions: We've added several missions, mostly focused on combat, to keep the action going.

  • Balanced Economy: We've revisited all prices and item stack sizes to ensure a fair and balanced in-game economy.

  • Weapon and Enemy Adjustments: Expect changes to weapon damage, enemy damage, and health for a more engaging gameplay experience.

In the next update, we will focus on improving late-game gameplay. After that, we will enhance the exploration experience by continuously improving the underwater biomes, introducing more unique locations to explore, and adding additional missions.

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