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Update v0.150

Additions, improvements, and adjustments:

  • Added a new assault rifle, STG44.

  • Added chest renaming feature.

  • Added Half Wooden Stairs, Half Metal Stairs.

  • Added more marble to the trader.

  • Slightly improved the game's main menu UI.

  • Reduced the speed of sharks.

  • Faster healing.

  • Reduced AI shooting accuracy when in the water.

  • Minor game balance adjustments (crafting item requirements, gun damages).

  • Improved animation for AK47, M16, M14.

  • Cursor won't be confined when you are on any UI.

  • Increased teammate name visibility range.

  • Added a Global UI when sleeping is requested in multiplayer.

  • You can now take/add 5 wood planks/scrap metal to the shelves at one click.

  • Added a world setting for loot respawn interval.

  • Default item amount when splitting items is set to 1.

  • Added confirm sleep UI for single-player.

  • Stairs can now snap to foundations and floors.

  • Fixed some sound FX-related issues.

  • PlayerDummy Noise issue. Requires RPC to server to change noise.

  • Added a key to turn on/off headlight, Default L.

  • Added Ping number display in multiplayer (if the ping is higher than 500, it indicates a very poor connection, and we recommend trying another server or region).

  • Improved Chest Opening Speed (Coop).

  • Added physical location display of server regions.

  • Added a window to show server settings when you are joining a server.

  • Added aiming Downside sensitivity settings.

  • The game will now remember your last world settings, such as password.

  • Increased the quick slot amount by 2.

  • Polished the keybinding experience.

  • Added loot regeneration speed settings when creating a world.

Bug Fixes:

  • Bug Fix: On the Gas Station Island, the dry trees can be cut, but you won't get wooden plank resources; the tree just disappears.

  • Bug Fix: Invisible wall around the water tower.

  • Bigger bushes will now give you 6 branches instead of 4.

  • Bug Fix: Pinned recipe (wishlist) icon can't display more than 4 crafting materials.

  • Bug Fix: Enemies can shoot or see through walls.

  • Bug Fix: Broken Tactical Vest has the wrong description.

  • Bug Fix: Scallop rocks are floating on top of the water.

  • Fixed many map-related issues.

  • Bug Fix: You can't move or take the fishnets.

  • Bug Fix: Very shaky boat performance when someone else is driving it.

  • Bug Fix: Sometimes you will see other players flying in the air as if they are driving the boat.

  • Bug Fix: Sometimes the icon of the dropped player bag (death bag) won't show up.

  • Bug Fix: Dropping items, tree branches look very clunky when they are falling down.

  • Bug Fix: Ultra long waiting time when picking up branches or dropped items from the ground in multiplayer.

  • Bug Fix: Some wall decorations cannot be removed.

  • Bug Fix: Inversed interaction key for bonfire.

  • Bug Fix: Only the server received the Base Under Attack notification.

  • Bug Fix: Bullet count resetting to 17 when taking the weapon out (US45).

  • Bug Fix: Can't open any UI when driving a helicopter.

  • Bug Fix: Some buildings cannot be fixed by the repair hammer.

  • Bug Fix: Cooking food will result in the wrong cooked food.

  • Bug Fix: Sometimes you can't insert a battery into the battery charger if you are joining a multiplayer session.

  • Bug Fix: Text displays "Press F button to add resources," although by default, if settings it is the C button.

  • Bug Fix: If you board the ship while crouching, your perspective will be lower.

  • Bug Fix: Can't build the 4th piece of the wooden roof.

  • Bug Fix: Furnaces still work while paused.

  • Bug Fix: Sometimes the trader shop will have blank UI (white item icons).

  • Bug Fix: Hammerhead won't do damage sometimes.

  • Bug Fix: Cleared islands won't turn white for the client player.

  • Bug Fix: Sometimes clients don't see already discovered locations on the map.

  • Bug Fix: Client player can kill themselves with their own axes.

  • Bug Fix: You can see floating UI text when you are driving a helicopter.

  • Bug Fix: Client won't show Base Under Attack Message.

  • Bug Fix: Some boats turn left by itself when driving.

  • Bug Fix: You can switch items through quick slot keys when you are killed.

  • Bug Fix: Sometimes after you join a server, you can't build items/don't see locations on the world.

  • Bug Fix: The fire bowl has a solid white line over the flames that can be seen through walls after you point the repair hammer at it.

  • Bug Fix: Sometimes you spawn inside the texture.

  • Bug Fix: Sometimes you can see your own nametag in front of you.

  • Bug Fix: Sometimes your character appears to be crouching when you get in the boat.

  • Bug Fix: Sometimes your character is stuck on the boat after you pressed get off.

  • Bug Fix: Sometimes you will see another player without hair.

  • Bug Fix: The paddleboat keeps floating away from the island.

  • Bug Fix: Changed color of fishnets doesn't save.

  • Bug Fix: Sometimes if you die from hunger and thirst, you don't have an option to respawn, and the ESC button doesn't work.

  • Bug Fix: Item in inventory disappears if you unequip your backpack.

  • Bug Fix: Async function not working properly.

  • Bug Fix: If you have a backpack, and you take it off and place it into a slot that is created by you wearing a backpack, then it swallows your backpack and destroys it.

  • Bug Fix: Someone occupying the barrel, but there is no one, and I can't open it.

  • Bug Fix: Green military container doesn't explode after looting.

  • Bug Fix: Can not shoot through barbed wires in enemy bases, or enemies don't see you through barbed wires.

If you have any questions or concerns, please always reach out to us via the Steam Forums or Discord.

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michele valerio
michele valerio

good work!

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