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Update v0.140

In this update, we have addressed several important issues and requests, including a few Saving/Loading-related bugs (Fish spawner and same key 500000). We've also added complete keybinding, loot respawning, and the claiming islands feature. Here is the full changelog:

New Features and Content:

  • Added complete keybinding (you can almost bind every key, on a normal keyboard).

  • Added loot respawning feature (10% for all locations every 10 days).

  • Added claiming island feature (by placing a Marking Flag on an island, needs to kill all the enemy first).

  • Added a manual save button (accessible through the ESC menu).

  • Added 3 new guns (1 pistol, 1 SMG, 1 assault rifle).

  • Added 3 new locations (2 low-level raft-type settlements and 1 large empty island).

  • Added a feature that allows you to hold the left mouse button to swing melee weapons continuously.

  • Added red dot scope for hunting rifle and stun SMG.

  • Added Hide UI option in the ESC menu.

  • Added Global UI for sleeping.

  • Easier Fishing.

  • Increased scrap metal stack size to 15.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed several saving/loading related bugs, such as the Same Key already exist 500000 and the fish spawner exeption.

  • Crafting stations no longer keep working while in the ESC menu.

  • Removed the Wrong Tool message when hitting a bush with a spear.

  • Many chests have had their interaction points increased.

  • Cannot plant cabbage issue has been fixed.

  • Stove won't return empty bottles issue has been resolved.

  • Health bar now correctly shows the max health amount (by its length).

  • Fixed an issue where you could still open the stove UI while it was already working.

  • Sometimes, you cannot exit the connecting wire mode, but this has been fixed.

  • Sometimes, you will see players who are driving the boat just standing there.

  • Sharks can now hit the player as intended.

  • After loading the game, you will no longer sometimes get stuck underground (requires a fresh save).

  • Enemy walking on water issue has been fixed.

  • Falling damage and poison damage will now damage the armor.

  • Fixed the bug where Vsync doesn't work.

And next, we will look into some rare but also significant issues, such as the Black Water bug and the Timeout bugs (unstable network). Please note that any networking-related issues are time-consuming to fix, and we are continually working to optimize and improve them. As the game becomes more stable, we will focus on delivering larger content updates. Stay tuned.

If you have any questions or concerns, please always reach out to us via the Steam Forums or Discord.

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