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Update v0.1.20

Features and Improvements:

  • Ability to Move Your Base Objects: Introducing the Packing Box! You can now craft this item to store your placed objects in your inventory and relocate them easily.

  • Helicopter Chest: Added a new chest to the helicopter for improved storage options.

  • Chest Stacking: All types of chests can now be stacked on top of each other.

  • Co-op Enhancements: General improvements to co-op game connectivity for a smoother multiplayer experience.

  • Private Co-op Games: You now have the option to hide your Co-op game from public view.

  • Server Selection Enhancement: Removed the "Best Region" option to eliminate confusion. Players must manually select their preferred server.

  • -Invitation Server Access: When joining through an invitation, server passwords are now disregarded.

  • -Added a hint for switching ore types when using the ore detector.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issue: Fishnet not yielding fish.

  • Fixed issue: Battery cannot be removed after loading a saved game.

  • Fixed issue: Airtank cannot be placed into the slot.

  • Fixed issue: Server list displaying incorrect region.

  • Fixed issue: Joining friend's server resulting in selection of wrong server.

  • Fixed issue: Some branches cannot be picked up after loading the game.

  • Fixed issue: In certain cases, strawberries cannot be picked up during coop gameplay.

  • Fixed issue: Hitmarker occasionally not disappearing.

  • Fixed issue: Airtank's capacity can exceed 100%.

  • Fixed issue: Pushing the boat while onboard causing excessive speed.

  • Fixed issue: Endless copies of airtank appearing.

  • Fixed issue: Excessive meat yield from sea turtles.

  • Fixed issue: Joining a friend's server displays "room is full" incorrectly.

  • Fixed issue: Birds colliding with players and planes.

  • Fixed issue: Disconnected generators losing wire connections after loading the game.

  • Fixed issue: Picked up logs reappearing after loading.

Balance and Gameplay:

  • Reduced enemy firepower after day 50. Note: The raiding system will undergo an overhaul this month to enhance the base defense experience.

If you have any questions or concerns, please always reach out to us via the Steam Forums or Discord.

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