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Update V0.1.10 Saving/Loading Fixes and More

Important notification:

We've overhauled the core game coding structure to address the recent saving/loading issues. We have significantly reduced the saving time and improved loading stability. We have also enhanced the stability of the massive world (tested saves on 30k building pieces). Unfortunately, this update will wipe your inventory and equipment. Any saved equipment and character inventory from game version 0.1.04 or earlier will not load correctly. Your buildings will most likely be preserved, so before updating to version 0.1.10, you could first log in to 0.1.04, store all your inventory and equipment in a chest, and then log out. Afterward, update to version 0.1.10 and load your world. (However, we do recommend starting fresh.)

To switch to version 0.1.04, go to your Steam Library, right-click on the game, and select 'Properties'. Click on the 'BETAS' tab and choose 'olderversion0104' from the drop-down menu.

(To switch back, just follow the same procedure and select 'None - opt out of all beta programs'.)"

Bug Fixes:

  • Greatly optimized saving/loading speed; no more endless autosave process. For example, saving 1000 building pieces now takes only around 0.005 seconds, compared to 1 minute before.

  • Reduced the chance of saving corruption due to the long saving time (which often happened before when the internet was unstable and accidental disconnection interrupted the entire saving process).

  • Fixed the bug where half of the base would disappear after loading (caused by incorrect building block calculation and save file corruption).

  • Improved general network connectivity and stability (although there is still room for improvement)

  • Resolved issue of excessively loud, unadjustable water splash sound effect.

  • Fixed fast growth rate of planters.

  • Addressed problem of resolution always reverting to original settings.

  • Combat Knife damage issue has been fixed.

  • Corrected multiple item description errors.

  • Enemies no longer experience blindness at night.

  • Fixed bug causing boat speed to depend on framerate.

New Additions:

  • Added a new tier 2 small island (rubber duck island)

  • Added cotton plant to Radio Island.

  • Increased number of tire stacks in starting areas.

  • More loot available in initial areas.

  • Guns now display their compatible ammo type.

  • Initial armor and helmet now crafted with leather instead of cloth.

Gameplay Improvements:

  • Snacks now provide more food, water, and a slight health boost.

  • Slowed down hunger and thirst decrease during sleep.

  • Boat storage capacity increased by 5 units.

  • Reduced stamina cost for jumping and slightly improved jump height.

  • Slightly lowered underwater bass effect.

  • Enhanced iron, copper, seaweed, rubber, and cloth availability.

  • Increased Rubber and Cloth generation.

  • Improved stamina recovery speed.

  • Lowered searchlight electricity consumption.

  • Reduced penalties for hunger, thirst, and energy loss on death.

  • Expanded wood stack size to 20 units.

  • Clearer crafting wishlist/pin icon.

  • Hanging lights now have smaller collider size.

For the next update, we will release a couple of Quality of Life features, such as packing and replacing your furniture so you can easily move your base elsewhere, and the ability to rotate your foundation and walls once snapped.

Thank you for your support and feedback!

We are excited and working hard to bring more and more to this game and the community! If you have any questions or concerns, please always reach out to us via the Steam Forums or Discord.

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1 Comment

Mark Diamond
Mark Diamond
Aug 31, 2023

After about 40 hours of gameplay, I'm loving this game. Your updates were spot on; however, I didn't see anything in the updates about making the enemies a bit easier. I ended up turning the Enemy Raid Frequency to None. The enemies attacking my base were destroying it faster than I could kill them, which meant I was spending all my time fixing/repairing my walls, floors, etc., and replacing all the workbenches and equipment I had lost.

I first tried changing the game play difficulty to see if that fixed it, but it didn't seem like the enemies were any easier. They were hitting me with every shot and killing me in 3-4 shots. With 10 high-level enemies attcking my…

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