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Sunkenland Development Roadmap

Greetings, Sunkenlanders!

We're thrilled to share our upcoming roadmap for our beloved game, filled with enhancements and new features that will take your gaming experience to the next level. Our team has been hard at work, listening to your feedback and crafting a roadmap that stays true to the heart of the game while introducing exciting new possibilities. Let's dive right in!

  • Polish the existing features to improve gameplay, fix bugs, and enhance user experience.

  • Implement an endless-open-world gameplay design by adding respawnable loot and respawning factions/enemies to keep players engaged and motivated to explore.

  • Introduce a system where players can claim and hold islands occupied by enemies, fostering strategic gameplay and territorial control.

  • Experiment with emergent gameplay by allowing new factions to emerge after existing ones are destroyed, adding an element of unpredictability and challenge.

  • Enhance replayability by incorporating a degree of random map generation, offering unique experiences with each playthrough.

  • Expand base building options with new structures like triangle shapes and half walls, as well as introduce new building materials such as marble to encourage creative base designs.

  • Add interactivity to the game world by introducing interactable furniture and base items, such as playable CD players, sit-able sofas, and plantable flowers, allowing players to personalize their environments.

  • Introduce additional base defense items like landmines and surveillance cameras to provide players with more tactical options for protecting their bases.

  • Expand the range of home decorations, including rare and visually appealing items, to incentivize exploration and reward players for their achievements.

  • Enrich the underwater gameplay experience by adding more explorable underwater sites and monuments, encouraging players to delve into the depths.

  • Create more raidable islands/atolls with varying challenges and rewards, offering players a chance to engage in exciting combat scenarios.

  • Introduce higher tiers of technology (tier 5, tier 6 Research Station) to provide advanced gameplay opportunities and unlock new crafting recipes.

  • Expand the variety of blueprints available to players, allowing for more diverse crafting and customization options.

  • Diversify combat mechanics by introducing a wider range of weapons, both melee and ranged, to accommodate different playstyles.

  • Enrich player customization by adding more outfit options, with a focus on unique and visually distinctive choices.

  • Introduce new AI factions to the game, enhancing gameplay variety and challenge by introducing different enemy behaviors and strategies.

  • Develop compelling lore, create engaging stories, and design quests that immerse players in the game world and provide meaningful objectives.

  • Expand the game's vehicle roster by introducing new options like Cargo Boats and Gunships, enhancing exploration and combat opportunities.

  • Implement boat combat mechanics, including enemy boat encounters and invasions, to add dynamic challenges and expand the scope of gameplay.

  • Enhance map functions and introduce a more intuitive waypoint system, allowing for improved navigation and better cooperative communication.

  • Provide players with enhanced character customization options to ensure they can create unique avatars that suit their preferences.

  • Improve server world settings to offer more customization and control options, enhancing the multiplayer experience.

  • Implement animated poses and additional server controls to create a more immersive and enjoyable cooperative gameplay environment.

  • Introduce full keybinding support and controller compatibility to cater to a wider range of players' preferences.

  • Optimize the game's networking and frame rates to ensure smoother performance and a better overall player experience.

  • Expand language support to make the game accessible to players from various regions and backgrounds.

Please note that things may evolve during the course of development to align with what best suits the game. We anticipate the community will actively participate in providing feedback, helping us create an exceptional gaming experience. Our ultimate goal is to ensure everyone can fully enjoy the captivating world of Sunkenland.

So, how will we approach this extensive development list?

Our strategy involves a step-by-step approach, focusing on key features initially. This includes implementing essentials such as keybinding and enhancing mechanics for replayability. Meanwhile, we'll be addressing minor bugs and introducing smaller features on the side.

Now, you might be wondering about the timeline and frequency of updates.

Expect to see minor patches and improvements rolled out within a matter of days, often followed by more substantial updates. Major updates that encompass significant features (such as the map waypoint system) or substantial content additions (like a brand-new map and faction) are projected to be released within weeks to a month. Rest assured, we're committed to avoiding updates that exceed a month in duration. Our aim is to keep you engaged and excited without prolonged waiting periods. This approach not only respects your time but also ensures a more iterative development process, allowing us to incorporate your feedback as we progress.

The game has just been released, and our current top priority is ensuring its stability in both single-player and cooperative modes, while also striving for a bug-free experience. Additionally, we're implementing Quality of Life changes. Moving forward, our focus will shift towards enhancing replayability and enriching the game world to extend meaningful playtime. Our aim is to consistently provide you with a wealth of exciting new content in each major update.

Thank you for your enthusiasm and dedication to Sunkenland. Your engagement is vital to shaping this journey, and we can't wait to bring you along for the ride.

If you have any questions or concerns, please always reach out to us via the Steam Forums or Discord.

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