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Coming Soon to Sunkenland: Enhanced Graphics, Improved Gameplay, and More!

Dear Sunkenlanders,

We’re excited to share that a significant update is coming to Sunkenland, packed with features we believe you’ll love.

Enhanced Graphics

We’ve made overall improvements to lighting, post-processing effects, and underwater rendering. You'll notice more diverse biomes and a richer underwater environment, complete with more fish and corals, enhancing the visual experience.

Improved Gun Customization

We’ve simplified gun customization to make it more intuitive. Crafting guns will now require fewer resources, and we’ve added more attachments like gun grips and silencers for you to experiment with.

Refined Survival Mechanics

To add a bit more challenge, we’ve made food scarcer, especially early in the game. This change makes fishnets and planters much more valuable as you work to survive.

Immersive Underwater Exploration

We’ve enhanced underwater exploration, making diving feel more immersive. As you dive deeper, the water will darken, requiring you to use lights. We’ve also revamped underwater ruins, making them more explorable with larger interiors. The new underwater biomes, like seaweed and coral fields, will add to the immersion.

Improved Island Exploration

Our islands are now more than just small rocks. They’re larger, with unique points of interest and diverse flora and biomes, providing more to explore and discover.

Dynamic Weather System

We’ve added a complete weather system, including rain, clouds, and storms, to make the environment feel more dynamic.

Enhanced Day and Night Cycle

Our improved day and night cycle makes the game world feel more dynamic, enhancing the overall experience of your adventures.

Updated UI

We’ve redesigned the user interface to match the new graphics, aiming to increase immersion and provide a more cohesive experience.

Why It Took So Long

This update took quite some time because we are making major changes to the core system. These changes are very time-consuming but are necessary to improve the game, make it more interesting, and streamline the development process for the future. We hear your feedback and want to deliver the best gaming experience possible. It's not a quick fix; it requires a lot of time and effort, but we are committed to it.

We’re grateful for your support and patience as we’ve worked on these updates. We believe they’ll make your experience in Sunkenland even better.

Thank you for being part of our community, and we hope you enjoy the new features.

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