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Sunkenland is a Waterworld-themed survival game. Explore sunken cities, build your base, craft items, trade, and fight pirates as you struggle to survive in an aquatic post-apocalypse world plagued by hunger and violence.

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A floating castle, an abandoned ship base, or a wooden pirate hideout? With our modular building system, you can create your ideal waterworld enclave and defend it with traps and defensive structures.

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Defend your base against clans of pirates, warlords, and mutants of the waterworld. Build high towers and walls to keep out invaders. And use catapults, traps, and grenades to destroy them! 


Build everything you need, from a simple tool to the most complex watercraft, and take on the challenging world with your own crafted gear. Our extensive crafting system puts a focus on exploration while rewarding players for taking risks and venturing into unknown locations to find new materials and blueprints.

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Struggle to survive as you gather fruits, hunt animals, farm, and distill seawater. Make clothes to keep you warm and craft herbal medicines to heal injuries. Survive the dark of the night, the relentless pirates, the lurking mutants, and the ocean's depth.


Trade with friendly settlements for supplies, weapons, armor, and rare items. Learn the demand and supply of each atoll to maximize your profit. Plan your trading routes and hunt for high-value treasures. There is no currency, only item for item.

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Fight pirates, warlords, and mutants. Test out your skills in various situations, on land or on the ocean. Use many types of weapons ranging from spears and bows to guns and flamethrowers. And operate mounted heavy weapons such as cannons and javelin launchers to destroy enemy ships and bases.


Ride your jet ski and explore the forsaken waterworld filled with mysterious sunken cities, atolls, floating bases, and abandoned structures. Find new lands to build, new clans to fight, treasures to collect, and great legends to discover. And finally, find out your destiny and the future of the place that was once called Earth.

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Explore the abandoned cities of humanity’s once-great civilization. Seek out lost and forgotten treasures, technologies, and marvel at the mysteries that have been uncovered in the depths of this planet. Build diving devices to enhance your underwater journey.



Cooperate with friends and survive this oceanic apocalypse as a group. Build bases, dive, explore and fight pirates together! 

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