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More details on the upcoming update

Dear Sunkenlanders,

We've got some cool updates on the way that we think you'll enjoy. But first, it's the Steam Awards time! So if you had fun playing Sunkenland and want to support our game, please nominate Sunkenland in the categories you feel fit best. It will mean the world to us! On our end, we are committed to continually improving Sunkenland, and here's a quick look at what's coming in the next major update:

-New Weapon Crafting System: Now, when you defeat enemies, you will have a chance to pick up their broken guns. These guns can be taken apart for different pieces like stocks, magazines, scopes, and barrels. Then, you can put these pieces together to make your own custom guns. It's a fun way to mix and match and see what you come up with!

-Changes to How You Progress in the Game: We're tweaking how you move through the game to keep things interesting. Each region will have its own set of resources, new technology, and challenges. We're also adding some new places to explore and updating some of the old ones. This should give you a fresh experience as you play.

-Dedicated Server Support: For those who like a bit more control, we're adding the option to set up your own game server. You can put it wherever you want, and we'll provide instructions to help you get it running.

We'll keep you posted on when this update is ready to launch.

Thank you for your continuous support. It means everything to us.

If you have any questions or concerns, please always reach out to us via the Steam Forums or Discord.

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